WBA - Travel Basketball Game Rules

CT State High School Rules apply with the following exceptions below:

Clock: Four 8 minute quarters.

Time outs: Three 'Full' 1 minute and Two 30 second (with no carry-over to OT).

Overtime: Three minutes in duration with 1 full timeout.

Officials: 2 Certified "Patched". If 2 certified officials are not available, the visiting team can choose not to count the game in league standings before the game starts. If it is determined to not count the game, cancellation rules apply.

Ball Size: 28.5" ball will be used for girls grades 6th through 8th and boys 5th and 6th grade. Full (29.5") size ball for boys 7th and 8th grade. 27.5" will be used for girls 5th grade.

Three point shots: Are allowed for all grades and genders.

Foul Shots Distance: 5th grade girls will be 13 feet all season, 6th grade girls will be 14 feet, both required not step over the line.

Pressing: There will be no pressing in 5th grade girls, except for the final two minutes of the game (and in any overtime periods). There will be no pressing in 6th grade B and C girls, except for the fourth quarter of the game (and in any overtime periods). There is full game pressing in all other divisions until a 10 point lead for 5th grade boys, 15 point lead for 6-8th grade during the regular season. Whenever the 10/15 point lead is reached, the leading team can no longer press. The losing team still can. If the losing team rallies, and gets back within 10/15 points, the winning team can resume pressing. This 'mercy' rule will not be in effect during the Playoffs.

Team Fouls Bonus: One-on-One on 7th; Two shots on 10th .

Technical Fouls: Two Technical Fouls is an ejection.

Ejections:  If any player/coach/spectator is ejected from a game for any reason, that person must serve a 2 league game* suspension.

Cancellations: All weather related cancellation before the final regular season deadline will be forfeits for both teams if not made up by the end of the regular season. If it can be demonstrated that one team is intentionally avoiding rescheduling then the division director can remove the forfeit from the willing team. If a team cancels a scheduled League game upon less than 72 hours notice for any reason other than weather or facility problems, then a forfeit shall be entered against the team that so cancels the game; however, the opposing team may in its discretion still elect to remove the forfeit and re-schedule the game.

* A "league game" refers to any game that has FCBL regular season standings impact or any FCBL tournament game.

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