WBA - Travel Player and Parent Agreement

1.  PRIVILEGE NOT RIGHT. As a member of a Weston Travel Basketball Team, each player understands that participation is a privilege and not a right. As part of earning that privilege, and in order to maintain it, more is expected of each player than perhaps other students. Each player agrees to assume the responsibilities set forth in this contract and each parent to support its intent. WBA-Travel reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any player to be a member of a Travel Basketball Team if the player does not exhibit appropriate conduct or otherwise fails to meet the obligations set forth in this contract.

2.  PLAYER CONDUCT. As a member of a Weston Travel Basketball Team, each player represents and serves as a reflection of his coaches, his team, his family and his community and agrees to conduct himself or herself responsibly both on and off the court, to display sportsmanship on the court and to demonstrate concern for the rights, safety and welfare of others off the court. All Players agree to treat their coaches, teammates, competitors and referees with respect and courtesy. Behavior that shows disrespect toward other players, coaches, and referees, or demonstrates lack of self-control including the use of profanity will be subject to discipline. The coach will determine appropriate disciplinary actions. Should the behavior continue to be inappropriate, the coach my seek the removal of the player from the team subject to approval of the WBA-Board [See Disciplinary Action Below].

3. CLASSWORK COMES FIRST. Each player is expected to strive for academic as well as athletic excellence. A player's class work and performance in school take precedence over basketball. All players are expected to perform well academically, to complete their homework and studying first so as not to interfere with their commitment to basketball. Should the player be unable to attend practice to complete academic responsibilities, the parent should communicate this directly to the coach. While academics take priority, it is not acceptable to repeatedly miss practice due to school workloads. Should a player be unable to perform at an acceptable level academically and athletically, the player should withdraw from the team until such time as the academic performance improves. This is a parental decision, however, the coach and team assume that each player will be present for all practices and games. Repeated absences could result in diminished playing time and potential dismissal at the discretion of the coach.


4. COMMITMENT. During Basketball Season, the Travel Basketball Team should take precedence over all other extra-curricular activities. The season runs from November to mid-March. Teams will play anywhere from 15 to 35 games in a season (including tournaments). Practice is a critical element of individual skill development and team success. Based on facility availability, each team will meet at least twice a week for practice. Practices are structured by the coach to improve individual skills, build team strategies and develop the sense of team. Each coach devotes a substantial amount of time in the design and delivery of each practice. Each coach is committed to teach the players as much as they can about the game of basketball so that each player can become the best that they are capable of being. Players agree to work hard at all times in an effort to learn as much as they can, to improve their individual skills and contribute to success of the team. While all players should have fun, that is not the only goal of the Travel Basketball program. This is an advanced basketball experience that requires the commitment and dedication on the part of players, their families, and the coaches. The objective of the travel basketball program is to develop advanced basketball skills within a highly competitive environment, while at the same time learning the values of hard work, preparation and teamwork.


5. ATTENDANCE. Attendance at each practice and all Games is mandatory. Players should arrive one half hour prior to scheduled game times unless otherwise instructed by the Coaching Staff and should be on time for practices. If a player is unable to attend a practice or Game due to illness, vacation, family emergency, school/religious education obligation, then it is the player's responsibility to notify the coach or assistant coach in advance if at all possible with the reason for absence. The coach will determine implications of absences as it relates to playing time.


6. PLAYING TIME. The amount of playing time during games is within the sole discretion of the coaching staff of the team. The team is competitive and no player is guaranteed playing time. Each coach will make playing time decisions based on the game situation, players skills, abilities and attitudes.


7. FEES. Fees go principally toward payment for coaches, gym time, referees, tournament fees, supplies, insurance, equipment, etc. Individual teams may determine on their own to enter into additional tournaments or games which may result in a supplemental charge to members of that particular team.


8. DISCIPLINARY ACTION.  Any tardiness or unexcused absences for practice or games will be addressed at the discretion of the coach. Repeated unexcused tardiness will result in treatment as an unexcused absence. Being grounded by parents is treated as an unexcused absence. The first unexcused absence may result in diminished playing time. The second unexcused absence may result in the player being benched for the next game. Three or more unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team.  


9. PARENTS. Parents understand that they too represent our team, community and basketball program. Parents agree to encourage and cheer for the team in a positive fashion during the game and to refrain from rude or obnoxious behavior or comments toward the opposing team and officials. Parents should never confront referees or other game personnel -- that is solely the province of the coaching staff. Parents should respect and support the decisions of the coach. Two parents are expected to cover the game clock and official scorebook for each home game. In the absence of volunteers, parents will be assigned these tasks on a rotating basis.


10. PROBLEMS. If a Parent or player has any problem with a coach or other team related matter, the parent or child should FIRST speak directly with the head coach. If the parent or player is unable to do so or is unsuccessful in doing so, then the next line of communication is with the Player Representative and then the WBA President. All issues should be addressed in an appropriate manner bearing in mind that the expertise and judgment of coaches should be respected particularly when it comes to positions and playing time. If the problem is still not being adequately addressed, then it may be raised with the Weston Basketball Association Board of Directors at a meeting typically held on a monthly basis.


11. Fairfield County Basketball League.  All Weston travel teams participate in the Fairfield County Basketball League and each player and parent agrees to abide by the rules of the Fairfield County Basketball League which are posted at

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