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Use this form to make a donation to the Weston Basketball Association.

Hello Parents!  
We are about halfway through the season and we hope your player is developing their basketball skills and having fun!
As you may have noticed - our crew of AMATEUR Photographers have been taking thousands of photos (literally) in an effort to capture the athletic awe-inspiring skills of your kids.  For a $25 donation per family, you will gain access to all the photos of your player and players team.  There is a catch - you have to look through and find your player's pictures. 
Steps to get your photos:
1.  Pay your $25 (The charge is per team - so if you have players on multiple teams it will be a $25 fee per team).  The payment page will have a field to put what Email address you would like the link to the photos sent to.
2.  After a few days - you will receive a link to the WBA Photos - you will only have access to your player's team photos.
3.  You can download as many of your team's photos as you would like.  The THUMBNAIL images are partial images - if you want the full image you will have to click on the photo and you will see the full-fidelity photo.  
4.  Save the images to your computer or whatever device you open the link from.
Thank you for your time - we hope you enjoy your player's photos!  
A Special Thank You to the amateur photographers - Chris Tracey, Paula Tracey, Paul Pizzano, Tanya Pizzano, Zach Brown & Ray Banks