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WBA - Travel Tryouts

The WBA holds tryouts for Boys and Girls Grades 4 to 8 Travel Basketball Teams. Tryouts take place in October each year for the coming season and results are announced on the WBA website (www.westonbasketball.com) shortly thereafter.

Players that are interested in participating in the travel program need to tryout.  WBA needs to know beforehand of the players intention to tryout and that they understand the commitment required to become a WBA travel player.  Parents must register their players online on the WBA website.  During the registration process parents will be asked to complete a Player Liability Waiver form.  Parents who fail to complete this form prior to the first tryout will not be able to participate. Make sure to read, understand, and accept the Travel Team Rules posted on the website.  No child will be permitted to participate without a completed authorization form.

Selection is always a difficult process and all players who are unable to play on a travel team are strongly encouraged to participate in the town's recreation and after school programs and other basketball programs in the area. Selection for a team is based on the rankings and skill assessments of adults that are basketball knowledgeable neutral evaluators.  No parent of a participating child is allowed to be part of the selection process. If the child of last year's coach is a participant, he/she will have no input into the selection of the team. If the team’s coach for this year does not have a child participating and is otherwise neutral, the WBA President may allow him/her to select the team alone or with the assistance of other neutral evaluators.

Players will be evaluated through a series of drills and scrimmages on their individual physical athletic abilities, basketball skills, scrimmage play, aggressiveness, potential and sportsmanship in addition to their general behavior, attitude and conduct during the selection process. Team skills and quality of overall contribution to team play will also be considered. Selection is based solely on a player’s performance during the selection sessions (typically two practice sessions). In the event that an exceptionally large number of players participate at the tryout, the evaluator(s) have the option of making a first cut after the initial practice.

Each player must be present on all selection dates.  If a player is unable to attend the dates set for the selection process for a team due to injury, illness or other similar extraordinary circumstances, the player should notify the evaluator(s) or Travel Director prior to the missed tryout.  The evaluator(s), in his/her sole discretion, and subject to the approval of the Travel Director, may permit such player to participate in a supplemental selection session. 

Dates and times of the tryout sessions are announced with as much notice as possible.  Players should be at the gym at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.